Tofu salad dressed in a miso-ginger vinaigrette and served cold.

Chilled Tofu Salad with Miso-Ginger Vinaigrette is a refreshing and healthy dish that is perfect for a light lunch or dinner.

The dish is easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients.

The main ingredient is tofu, which is a great source of protein and is low in calories.

The miso-ginger vinaigrette adds a delicious flavor to the salad and is made with miso paste, ginger, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.


The salad also includes fresh vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, and radish, which add crunch and color to the dish.

To prepare the salad, the tofu is first drained and then sliced into cubes.

The vegetables are then sliced and added to the tofu, and the miso-ginger vinaigrette is poured over the top.

The salad is then chilled in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving.