An El Niño Winter Is Coming. What Will Winter 2023 Look Like In Utah And The Rest Of The U.S.?

El Niño is a weather phenomenon that occurs when the Pacific Ocean's surface temperatures rise above average.

El Niño can have a significant impact on weather patterns around the world, including in the United States.

In Utah, El Niño winters tend to be warmer and drier than usual, which can lead to less snowfall and a higher risk of wildfires.

Other parts of the United States may experience more extreme weather conditions during an El Niño winter, such as heavy rainfall and flooding in California.

It is difficult to predict exactly what winter 2023 will look like, as El Niño's effects can vary from year to year.

However, it is important for individuals and communities to be aware of the potential impacts of El Niño and to take steps to prepare for any extreme weather conditions.


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