5 Junk Foods Americans Love To Take On Vacation

No one denies they like junk food. Your favorite delicacies may be easy to obtain at home, but locating them elsewhere might be difficult.

This is why many travelers bring their favorite cuisine, beverages, and snacks. Washington Post listed the top 5 junk foods Americans bring on vacation.

Americans love to take chips on vacation, especially classic flavors like barbecue and sour cream and onion.

Candy is another popular snack for vacations, with favorites like M&Ms and Skittles making the list.

Beef jerky is a protein-packed snack that is perfect for long car rides or hikes.

Popcorn is a classic snack that can be found in many vacation destinations, from movie theaters to boardwalks.

Soda is a refreshing drink that many Americans enjoy on vacation, with popular brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi being top choices.